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UK based VFX / Comp / 3D freelancer [remote]

Ben Harkerby 12 months ago
Hello all!

I'm a UK-based freelance VFX artist, compositor and 3D generalist. I've worked on a TV pilot, a couple of indie movies, and a couple of music videos - I'm always looking for new projects to get involved in, and new industry contacts to add to my books. I'm primarily looking for remote work, but if a gig happens to be close enough to home I'll happily work on-premise.

I am most at home with AE, Element 3D, Premiere, Davinci Resolve Studio and Blender; though I'm also currently learning Houdini and Nuke.

My general workload consists of
- chroma/tracking/roto [AE, Blender, Mocha]
- particle & smoke sim work [Blender, Trapcode]
- 3D modelling using either HSM or sculpting techniques [Blender, BoxCutter Hardops & DecalMachine]
- Compositing with AE 2019
- Editing with Resolve & Premiere

Please feel free to check out my work over at, my facebook page is over at, and various other social media are easy enough to find from those two.

You can easily get an email to me over at ben{at}

Many thanks for reading, have a cool week everybody!

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