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Mark Westmanby 9 years ago
OK. SO. I'm a 47 year old, self taught FCP/motion/DVDSP/Photoshop/AE editor, and Canon XL2 or similar shooter. I'm stuck here in Myrtle Beach South Carolina trying to find a way back on track with LIFE. I'm in excellent physical condition, my 27 year old supermodel wife and I are Cross-Fitters ( and I have all my teeth. I don't have a southern accent and I have transportation that is mechanically sound.

I love to shoot and edit. Both video and still photography. I've been told I'm pretty talented, and I'm always in front of Master Series tutorials on Sunday instead of watching football games. I'd really like to hook up with a video team, shooting documentaries... but would take anything that might provide a steady income allowing me to buy a new pair of boots. or my own XL2 or Sony PMW EX3.....

I have my own editing equipmnet, but am still in FCP 5.2x. What else? Hmmm, lesseee...I'm a FALCONER and love the outdoors, shooting / editing anything to do with wildlife would be a fantasy come true. Oh. And I wear a utilikilt.

So, if you'd like to give a guy with some skills, who is a team player, eager to learn and dependable (yes, I have a driver license) or just stop by and do a WOD (look it up on our website), give me an email!

Cheers, happy holidaze to all and best of luck to the other talented folk on here who seem to be in the same boat as I am.
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