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What am I worth?

Tyler Leisherby 10 years ago
I figured this was the best place for this...

I'm trying to find out what I'm worth to the company, what I SHOULD be getting paid vs what I actually am getting paid. Here is a run down of what I do.

Build Technical Set
- Run cables
- Configure live video switcher including taking in 3 video sources and outputting two
- Configure Audio Mixer to hold 4 channels and distribute 3 outputs
- Build 2 high end computers from scratch
- Troubleshoot and install Windows XP

Overall, building a live set to produce live video switched content that encodes on two seperate machines (in Flash and Quicktime) at the same time.

Live video producer
- Import and create graphics for live video clips
- Configure two DVX100 cameras
- Switch video live while talent gives news
- fade in lower thirds with talking points on them

Data Entry
- Perform daily video output data entry and microsoft excel spreadsheets
- Daily bookmarking and distribution of all clips we create
- Uploading and importing the meta data for clips not live produced

Overall here are some of the clips that I've live produced on this set: (All are YouTube videos)

Technical Aspects:
- NewTek Video Toaster 5 (VT5)
- 14 Channel Mackie Mixer
- Audio Compressor
- Headphone Amplifier
- Two Quad Core 2.5Ghz machines with 8800 GT, 1 TB of storage and 4 GB of RAM (Built from scratch)
- 2 x Panasonic DVX100b
- Seinheiser Wireless microphones

Right now I'm getting paid $120 a day for 10 hours of work, which is equivalent to Production Assistant rates. I'm not in much of a position to quit and get a new job (Since the economy sucks) but what do you think I'm worth in this type of job?
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Re: What am I worth?
by Josiah Taylor
hey man,

Your rate was based on your experience before going to work there, and where ever your located. If your in a small market, then thats just what you get paid vs. living in LA or NY where the price of living is so much.

Im a motion graphics artist in LA and day rates are different and are based on your experience. But I know some guys that work in the visual effects side on feature films that are only getting 15 an hour, and thats based on the fact they are new in the business. but with the experience now if they change jobs they can ask for money in the hiring process.

If your in your upper 20's or older and have been doing this since you were 18, I'd say you deserve more money. Everyone deserves more money. And as far as finding a new job, you must be in a smaller market cause there is still a tone of work to be done daily in this industry.

good luck man
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