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-=How Can I Find Work In Canada?! =-

Shirlyn Wongby 10 years ago

I've been working in NYC in Post Production for about 3 years. I spent a good solid year as an editor working on TV Commercials. Although NY has its good points, I'm getting tired of this fast hustle and bustle life.

I've been wanting to move up to Canada for a while and check out the industry up there but it seems like a close circuit. I don't see many job openings and since I'm an American I won't be able to get out there and bum around looking for something. Does anyone know anything about tapping into the Canadian industry? I hear it is getting bigger and bigger as US prices are going up and people looking abroad for cheaper deals.


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Re: -=How Can I Find Work In Canada?! =-
by Patricia Roodt

I'm a 24 year old female South African who is looking for work in Canada as a bookkeeper.
I am currently studying as a Technical Financial Accountant. If anyone could supply information or a bit of help it would be much appreciated

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