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Adobe Editor / Animator / Photoshoper / DVD Authoring and Motion Menus

nbosakby 11 years ago
I am on my way to Syracuse, New York! I have been in Michigian working for Detroit Diesel for the past 2 years and with the failing market in Detroit I am heading out.

I love Adobe and would marry them if it was a person! I love using all of their apps to create and intergrate what ever I need. I fell in love with Photoshop 7 years ago and never looked back and actually got into all of their programs. I excel in the Video Creative Suite.

I have been a one man army for the past 5 years and willing to do freelance or become part of a team. I love what I do and have the equipment to do it. I currently own a Canon XL1, Canon XT, and multiple lens. I do everything from; commercials, documentaries, PSAs, Trailers, Credits, DVD Authoring, Band Coverage, pretty much anything I can get my hands on.

If you are interested in either hiring me full time or freelance please feel free to email me. To see most of my work either ask for a DVD Portfolio or check my stuff out at


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