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Chris Wrightby 10 years ago
My very affordable post-production services are on par with expensive post houses. I am a freelancer whose expertise includes:

1. deinterlacing with Algolith (100% quality), can't even compare with fieldskit
2. up-converting video to HD with Algolith. Post houses charge thousands for same quality.
3. color correction (32 bit reel matching) and NTSC safe signals.
4. monet, roto, tracking, difficult logo replacement.
5. recovering older projects. (Your AE and Premiere projects can be updated with my legacy software to CS3)
6. sound keys (transforming audio in keyable information)
7. custom Adobe Illustrator strokes (when you need a new object for AE)
8. animated flags, pixel sensitive motion blur.
9. keying difficult green, blue chroma footage.
10. DV to film format for optical prints.

I don't get paid until you're 100% satisfied!

inquiries by email:
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