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Working in the U.S.

Oliver Kochby 10 years ago
Hi folks,

I'm from Germany and I'm actually taking an apprenticeship as a "Mediengestalter Bild & Ton"
(freely translated: Mediadesigner Film & Sound), which covers the whole bunch from camera to VFX...and VFX are actually what I want to work with in the future. But instead of working in Germany, I'd love going to the states, because the german productions aren't very convincing to me. Unfortunately I don't have a clue, how the american market und business are looking like, but my big aim is, however, to get involved at ILM, the Orphanage and such.
So that leads me to my questions:
First, what might be the best way to get into america's vfx-business? (Especially when you're coming outside of the US) Which essential qualifications do I need? And my third question is: Would a study in VFX take me much further then the apprenticeship itself and if "yes", where is it possible to do, in america of course?

I you can help me out and best regards from Germany

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Re: Working in the U.S.
by Ted Lindsley
We are looking for two camera operators to travel with a low budget television pilot production for 6-8 months across New Zealand and SE Asia. This project WILL go to broadcast television and you WILL get credit. That's the fastest way to get in the door with a U.S. based production. If you are qualified, interested and capable, please email me for more details. Ted1 (at) jumpamonkey (dot) com
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