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If the concept is awesome, I'll do it!!

Jerry Renesby 9 years ago
I'm a 26 year old video editor / animator / photographer / designer / music composer from The Netherlands and normally work for an advertising agency.

I'm looking for challenging projects to extend my portfolio. My motto is: If the concept is awesome, I'll do it!

One of my advantages is that I have a wide range of skills to combine / use in a single project. I think it's ok to say that my production skills can be rated as professional and in most cases (IF the concept is awesome :) ) I'm happy to help you out for free!

Hope you got some nice projects coming up, send me a message!

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Re: If the concept is awesome, I'll do it!!
by Åsa Brunzell
What kind of stuff do you do? I'm looking for animation projects to do sound for(foley, effects etc.) and don't mind pulling a team together to work on our own creation if that's what it takes to get awesome visuals to work with. I have concepts (not fully developed but anyway) but am a really slow animator and normally just want to jump from the concept to the audio design without spending the 500h+ it takes me to animate anything...

If it sounds at all interesting let me know, I can send you some stuff to see if you click with my crazed ideas and images.

//Åsa Brunzell

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