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videographer for hire

James Carroccioby 11 years ago
Final year film student with a strong emphasis on cinematography, production managment, editing and distrubiting HD content with my own Panasonic HD AG-HVX200.

Well trained in final cut studio and over 5 years working cross-functionally in the e-commerce industry.

email me if interested

film student
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Re: need a video done
by Alyssa Prano
Question first, can you edit in premiere pro?
Re: videographer for hire
by Linae Laible

I am looking for someone to fix a video.

My site is

We are launching an indiegogo campaign.

I put together a video and it was supposed to be cleaned up by someone,

and it turned out pretty bad.

Can you call me at 802-488-4404

We promote Industrial Hemp

You can also find me on Twitter.
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