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John Morleyby 9 years ago
Work with a seasoned professional who understands visual media and wrings maximum impact out of every second on the screen.

All Business
I know what your corporate clients want. My experience with Toyota, Hitachi Data Systems, Bank of America, Hyundai, Southern California Edison, and many more business clients means that I understand the needs of business, enhance comfort factor during pre-production and deliver scripts that are easier to pitch to your client.

All Media
From linear video, to Web sites, to executive speeches with PowerPoint speaker support, if it's screen-based communication I've probably written for it. For marketing communications, blended learning, and corporate events, I'm up to speed and ready to make you look good.

I Wrote the Book on Scriptwriting
For real. I am the author of Scriptwriting for High-Impact Videos. A second edition has recently been published. The first edition has been a well-respected text book and reference for working professionals for over a decade.

Write to me, so that I can write for you:

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