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MAYA 3D Artist looking for work!

Joe Collingby 11 years ago
Hi, see my working examples at

Be sure to download the video sample at the bottom of the Media page.

I am a MAYA artist and I need work. I have used MAYA on a daily basis since version 6. I am currently upgraded to using version 2008 unlimited.

I can also use 3ds Max, houdini 9, XSI, RealFlow and Bryce as well as particle illusion and many other 3D and 2D software if needed.


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Re: MAYA 3D Artist looking for work!
by Michael Aaron
we are looking for a full-time senior-level Maya generalist. Opportunity to collaborate on national TV campaigns with great creative potential.

We’re a boutique post house in a large Midwest market established by a group of top editors with a strong following. We’re a cohesive team looking for someone who can lead the graphics department with their style & vision. We will be working in a brand new space in a vibrant neighborhood. In addition to creating award-winning spots, we focus on providing an exceptional level of client service.

We need a talented senior-level motion graphics designer with skills in FX work as well. Knowledgeable in Maya, Cinema 4D or 3D Studio Max, plus After Effects, Photoshop, …you get the idea.

Must have strong design and concept development skills, high energy and the motivation to constantly evolve. Ideally, you will be actively involved in the world beyond work.

Minimum 3 years experience. Reel more important than vast depth of experience, however. Excellent compensation package.

Re: MAYA 3D Artist looking for work!
by Joe Colling
Hello. I am interested in this offer.

I am skilled in ALL applications you named and more. Please get back to me. Thank you for your reply.

I have recently revamped my website so I have to repost my reel. I will be doing so soon.

On a personal note, my reel has grown a little larger so I have had to order 2GB more RAM in order for after effects CS3 to render my reel into a movie file output. Right now it crashes because I don't have sufficient RAM. I will be receiving my new ram on Wednesday. This is Monday. Thanks for the reply to my post. You can re check the site or I will update you as soon as I get everything configured properly (in about 2 days). Thanks again.

-Joe Colling

Re: MAYA 3D Artist looking for work!
by Joe Colling
Please see my reel at

You can also see some of my still shot work at


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