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Professional Editor for hire

Robert Clemensby 10 years ago
Professional AVID film and television editor for hire. Will cut any project you bring us. Feature film, television, corporate video, independent film, actors reals, reals and short. You name it and we'll cut it. Special rates available.

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Re: Professional Editor for hire
by Diana Van de Kamp
Hello, I work with Lawry's Reataurants, INC. and I am looking for someone to help edit some training videos we are editiing for our international restaurants. There is a very minimal amount of work to be done on them. There is about two hours of material with the need for a few voice overs to be updated and changing some titles. I was curious to find out what the general cost for hiring a professional editor. Who would be the best contact for a matter like this? Thanks in advance.
Prime Regards,
Diana Van de Kamp
Re: Professional Editor for hire
by John Dixon
Hi Robert,

I am looking for straight forward corporate video (presentation style) editing. I would be interested to understand what your rates would be? Where are you located?


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