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Alex Merronby 1 year ago
Hi everyone!
I hope this is OK to post here, I couldn't find a subforum for Help Wanted.
I am looking for someone, or some people to collaborate with editing a music video I am shooting for my band. The software I'm currently using is Da Vinci Resolve however I may be willing to change software if necessary.

Here are a couple of examples for the low light style of video we're shooting
Fightstar | Sink with the Snakes | Behind the Devil's Back
DragonForce - Through The Fire And Flames

Our music is modern rock style with a wide range of influences.

I need someone who can make edits for me BUT ALSO teach me how to do some of the more basic edits for myself and give feedback on my edits or footage.

As well as being willing to work this way, they must be proficient in video editing.

In order to be considered please Write to with the details below ...
hourly rate
direct contact details
direct link to examples of your work

Also please feel free to post any recommendations below!
Many thanks in advance.
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