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Seeking Assistant Director for Short Horror Thriller Film-"Bay For Blood" (Chicago)

Harry Waldmanby 3 years ago
“Bay For Blood” Plot Summary (15 min):
James and Rob are hiding out in isolation to fix their mutual issues. As time progresses the two reveal facts regarding their disturbing past relationship. An acquaintance of James’, Jessica, finds herself in an uncomfortable position as she contemplates the best way to handle the situation.


Deferred Payment, IMDB Credit
Rate: $150/day deferred for up to 4 shooting days
Payment: $100 deferred per 8-hour shooting day.


1. Breakdown the script

2. Work with the Director to create a schedule

3. Generate breakdown sheets

4. Do his/her best to keep shooting days on schedule

Role Requirements:

1. Be an approachable team player

2. Have great time management skills

3. The ability to pay close attention to detail

4. Have excellent communication skills

5. The ability to plan ahead

6. Exceptional problem solving skills

If You Have Casting Experience:
This is not a requirement, but please let me know if you have casting experience, as this will increase your chance of being hired.

Director's Bio:
Harry is a passionate filmmaker who has been watching movies since as long as he can remember. Some of his favorite films include, "Memento", "The Dark Knight", "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, "Alien", etc. He has seen over 3,000 films and is as crazy about movies as any individual you will ever meet. Harry has worked on a number of various films, and has written, directed, and edited "515", "Enter the Room", and “In the Backseat”.

More Info, Contact Information:
If you are interested in this project, please contact me at

Also, feel free to visit my website. The link is listed below.

Contact Name: Harry Waldman
Contact Email:
Contact Address: Chicago, Illinois, 60626, United States
Organization: Edgewater Film Productions
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