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3D Graphics Designer with Vive Experience

Akito Robergeby 3 years ago

My name is Akito Roberge and I am a recent graduate of the Interactive Multimedia and Design, Bachelor of Information Technology joint program at Carleton University and Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario.

During my time in Ottawa, I was part of many team projects in which I worked with technical people and artistic people. I found that one of my strong areas was that I was a good communicator with teammates as I had a good understanding of technical requirements and visual requirements. I developed a pixel perfection attitude with an utmost attention for details and I believe that this leads to a high quality product.

During the past three summers, I worked at a technology camp called Digital Media Academy at the University of Toronto. I began as a teaching assistant there, helping with programming and design courses. Later on, I was rehired as an instructor for 3D modelling and game design, as well as programming classes. The software that I have the highest knowledge of is Maya, with experience in Modeling, Motion Capture, Animation, Rigging, and Scripting. I have a strong drive to continue learning and I pick up new skills quickly particularly when they are technology related.

I am very interested in finding work at a game development studio or a VFX studio. A place which is comprised of talented and motivated Developers, Artists and Leaders. I have worked in agile environments and have always a strong team contributor and communicator. It would be great to start a conversation regarding job openings if there are any others in which my background and skills may be of value. My portfolio showcases some of the 3D graphics projects I have been a part of and can be visited at

Thank you for your time,

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