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VFX Sky Replacement Work Needed

Tara Sennottby 4 years ago
I'm working on a music video about a group of children who play in their backyard as a thunderstorm approaches. We need some sky replacement work done to create a thunderstorm--nothing crazy--a few dark clouds and some flashes of lightning in the distance.

We are aiming to shoot on a cloudy day, but of course there's the chance we'll have to shoot on a sunny day.

The video consists of 6-7 wide shots in 300 fps slo mo. Multiple characters appear in the shots, kids playing in the yard, riding bikes, etc. These are shots on a tripod and no camera movement.

I've included a reference image--this is the kind of look we are going for--subject fully lit from the front with a dark sky in the back.

We have a special effects budget of $5,000.
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Re: VFX Sky Replacement Work Needed
by Hadee Kiani
Hi Tara,

Please take a look at our website,

Also lets view this VFX videos as well:

At those first shots, we added sparrows.., other shots are bright i think.
Also some shots are old and are not our new arts..

Anyway contact me by email to have more discussion about your projects.

Thank you.
Re: VFX Sky Replacement Work Needed
by John Lijo
Hi Tara

I am john.
I'm a versatile After effects compositor with several years of practice in the post production industry. Started of as a roto artist i mastered the skills tracking, matte painting and compositing in 2d and 3d me if u want
- Stereo paint
- Motion graphics & Vfx
- Rotoscoping/Wire/Rig Removal/Keying
- Colour Grading
also I'm able to accept consulting contracts in areas of High Quality Imaging 4K and beyond in reasonable price and less time.

Skype :jonlijoblufish

Contact me +919818783046
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