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NY Creative in Europe looking for new position!

Kenneth Shinaberyby 2 years ago
Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

I am a creative from New York City that has been living in Europe since 2012. Currently I am based in Germany, but I am open to relocating for the right opportunity.

Prior to moving to Germany I worked in advertising, film, television, commercial production and print. My background includes: Creative/Art Direction, Illustration, Copywriting, Advertising, Social Media, PR, Content/Contest Creation, Engagement, Community Development, etc. Additionally I am highly skilled in Networking, Photography and even Character Design/Development.

After relocating to Europe, I began working closely with the Marketing and PR teams for international companies such as Wacom and Adobe.

In 2013, I began organizing the Behance Dribbble Events in Germany. I have since hosted over 13 events and featured over 40 artists. The community now has over 1300+ members on Facebook and is continuing to grow.

In 2014, I was a speaker at the Adobe Create Now Conference in Berlin. This lead to me co-organizing and moderating the Adobe Create Now Event in Düsseldorf. As a result I am not part of the Adobe Influncers DACH Program and Adobe Community Professionals.

The same year I began writing articles for the Wacom InfoChannel and curating the Wacom Gallery on Behance. I am now considered an Ambassador for Wacom and continue to work with their PR department to create and judge contests.

In 2015, I began writing for international magazines such as Advanced Photoshop and Photoshop Creative. I was also a feature guest writer for the Lürzer Archive. During 2015, I began writing highly viewed articles on LinkedIn's Pulse relating to Social Media and other topics interesting to creatives.

In addition, I have been a speaker at the Behance Event in Pescara Italy. Because of my experience speaking at conferences I was asked to speak at the What's Next? Conference in Lithuania. My speech covered Social Media in relationship to playing board games.

What you will discover is that I am highly adaptable and work very hard. I am also a creative thinker and produce quality work.

If interested in learning more about me... then connect with me on LinkedIn or Xing. If you send me an email, I can send a pdf of my Resume.

I am looking for a full time position where I can grow with the company. I will consider freelance work, but right now my main focus is on finding an in-hosue position.

Best Regards,
Kenneth Shinabery
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