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Michael Marchoby 3 years ago
Hi, I'm Bruce Marcho owner of Video Craft Pro, Inc. in Central Florida. I reaching out to the video industry seeking freelance opportunity for camera op / videography positions available. Most of my experience began in early 2000 as a videographer and moved into the corporate AV industry as a camera op. Now I currently own my own video production company (since 1996) and freelance for corporate AV. I use Final Cut Pro X for editing and have the Canon XA25 and the Panasonic GH4 DSLR for my production tools. Most of my work deals with remote clients (post production) transferring media via internet and or travel to events for gigs.

I have many years of experience and an exceptional eye for detail. My goal is to stay current with the latest technology trend and educate my clients, not abuse their budget.

I ask if you are a company or individual who would consider hiring my services for freelance or permanent opportunity, please contact me to discuss details. I'll be glad to discuss your next project and guide you to fruition.


Bruce Marcho
Video Craft Pro, Inc.
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