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Vision Mixer looking for work in USA.

Vardi Fivazby 3 years ago
Hello world,

I am a vision mixer working in South Africa on 2 daily live tv shows. I am quite young but have already racked up 10 years experience. Started out as timekeeper when I was 15. Moved to vision control, then VT playout, graphics and many more. I have cut on a few different desks (GV Kayak, smaller mixers, tri-caster) but I am most comfortable on the Ross Carbonite. I am looking for a job where someone would be okay sponsoring me to come over to the states. You'll have a really enthusiastic and rad broadcast specialist. Please, any input would be greatly appreciated. I am sure that there is no short supply of filmmakers in America but I thought maybe, just maybe, my dream isn't the most unrealistic things in the world to achieve. Thank you all.

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