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FUll animation services

Jim Peeblesby 4 years ago
Over 30 years experience with a great client list like, Cartoon Network, Warner brothers etc., we like being busy are great at deadlines and budgets!
It can be just me or I can staff as needed with the best and brightest Atlanta has to offer.
I work in flash and toonboom, have published kids books out on the shelves and can edit/ composite.

Thanks in advance!

Jim Peebles!video

Thanks so much for letting us serve you!
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Re: FUll animation services
by Erin Herbst
Hi Jim,
I'm doing a video for the local fire department in my town and the idea is to film a horse and then animate his mouth so it looks like he's speaking to a script (which we will have a voiceover artist record). The inspiration came from the old "Happy Cows Come from California" ads (you can see an example here:

The script is 234 words and the video should come in at just over a minute.
I'm looking for someone with experience in computer animation/special effects that would be able to edit the horse's mouth to sync up with the voiceover artist's reading.
Is this something you're capable of doing? Please send me an email at
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