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3D Outsourcing Available

Giles Ruscoeby 5 years ago
XD Studios specialises in creating high quality content for games. We have skills in 3D sculpture and modelling, texturing, shader code writing, FX programming and much more. Please check out our portfolio at

We've worked with large clients to produce previs images, in game assets, promotional material and even 3D print ready models.

Lead Technical Artist
XD Studios
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Re: 3D Outsourcing Available
by Giles Ruscoe
Hi Naren,

We are actually looking to sell our own 3D modelling services, not hire 3D modellers ourselves.

Lead Technical Artist
XD Studios
Re: 3D Outsourcing Available
by Naren Navale
I have a small team working in 3D area we mainly deal with industrial work scope but pretty good in game concept modelling.
is it continuous on going requirement of making 3D?

let me know can share few smaples for ref.


A professional & well finished animation-visualization services...
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