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Vardhika Iriawanby 4 years ago
Hello I want to offer Remote freelance service, and you also can contract me for 3 month, 6 month or 1 year for your project as a remote freelance vfx artist.

You can see my portfolio at :
To know my rate price as a freelance, you also can see through there, more hard the shot/scene you have more fun for me to work on it.

I also have a team that ready if the project coming was need 1 full team to run....
You can see some breakdown of my crew freelance at my site also, but not all upload yet,
also there's some smoke artist, flame artist that ready if you need us to operate you machine from here and we can do interface chat using skype conference 24 hour

If you have some short movie or any independent movie that maybe can make me interested let me know, i am willing to work without any payment if the movie i saw was a good one as long i can get my credit inside it.

You can contact me 24 hour through skype id : vardhika110181010886
Email me :

More hard the scene/shot you have more fun i work on it, i am easy to get bored if the shot/scene was the easy one. ..
Never go home before the war was end

You can have access into out server if you have big project running on us, and all preview for the big project will be given every week.


Visual Effects & Animation
- Digital Environments & Matte Painting
- Rotoscoping
- Wire Removal / scene repair and restoration
- Compositing
- Character Animation
- Motion Graphics
- Digital Set Extension
- Digital Prosthetics
- On-Set Supervision

Digital Production
- CG Animation

Visual Development
- Pre-Visualization
- Design ( Motion Graphic / Moontage / Bumper / Channel Id / Logo )
- Vfx Script Breakdown

For 3D need please let me know what you need, i have one freelance that good for vfx 3D like create some Tornado, or maybe big ocean that coming into your home ^.^

Thank you
God Bless you
Best Regards

Vardhika Iriawan
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