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Master Certifed Final Cut Studio editor - Just wants to be treated properly

Grant Stracby 4 years ago
I have been a video editor for seven years now jumping from one place to another. "I have an established company and I want to make/expand my media department" four months later I'm working 80 hours a week driving myself into the ground and all the promises made are obviously not happening.

I am a one stop shop. I have top of the line camera rigs and post production gear. Most of my experience is in television editing and motion graphics.

Right now I jumped on to a sinking ship in promise if I pull it out of the dirt I get an important title. Brought my own gear in, slept on the floor, destroyed my life and pulled it out of the grime and the owner keeps making business decisions that go against my moral code.

I just want reasonable salary, work that challenges me, and a thanks everyone in a while / don't abuse me and I will move mountains in return.

Any suggestions? My resume is solid and my work is great. Even better I'm actually a good person who keeps promises and knows mac, final cut studio, after effects, audio engineering, color correction, quality control, and gear to shoot if need be. I have a family I just want to secure a job I am happy at.
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