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Looking for Digital Compositor for a Japanese movie

Sala Sultanby 5 years ago
Hello, for the past 4 months i made a few adds looking for a VFX artists, the company picked a few and now we need more.
we are looking for a talented compositors who have not less than 3 years experience in the movie industry.
it doesn't matter the tool, Nuke, After Effects, Flame.
we here at the facilities use Nuke and After effects.
the project is for a major Japanese movie, the project is its very last stage so we need artists who can work at least 8 hours a day/weekdays, if you looking for extra hours you're welcome.
once we get your show reel link you if you approved by our supervisor then we'll send you a test unpaid shot to composite.
signing an NDA is required before we give you extra information and details
please email me to TITLED "VFX-Comp", Please do not email me here.
you may be applied to us before, but at that time we were looking for Keyers, Match Movers mainly, now we are looking for compositors, so if you are the one you can re apply for us but write a note that this is the second time you apply for us.
looking forward to hearing from you.
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