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Looking for Production Assistant positions including: Set, Office, Art, Post, Writing, Etc

Jeannette Laraby 5 years ago

I am originally from the east coast and decided to take the leap of faith and drive over 2500 miles to L.A. to get back into production. This is my commitment and I am here to take hold of my career and get my hands in an industry I love. I have prior experience as a Set and Office PA and did event coordinating as well. Although I would like to work for a television studio, I am keeping my options open and will try different things because I am here to discover my full potential.

With this said I am open to possibilities and have been looking into the following:

Production Assistant for:

  • Sets
  • Office
  • Art
  • Writing
  • Post

I am highly interested in Post Production since it is the last chance to visually tell a story. I have played around with basic programs and eager to learn.

I am looking for the chance to prove myself and answer any questions you may have.
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