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Concept Artist/Illustrator for hire

Scott Harshbargerby 10 years ago
I am a freelance artist working primarily in the game industry. My talents come in many forms including, but not limited to Illustration, Conceptual Art, Design, Graphics, Logos, Sequential Art, Storyboarding, Children's Illustration, Murals, Greeting Cards, Character Portraits, and much more.

I have worked in many genre such as science-fiction, fantasy, supers, western, horror, modern/realistic, post-apocalyptic, and alternate histories.

My work is produced in pencil, ink, digital paint, or traditional media upon request. I work fast and hold to a professional attitude, but keep it relaxed enough to have fluid communications.
If you or someone you know is in the market for dependable, quality artwork, I would love to hear from you.
Please see my online portfolio at for more details.
Thank you for your time,
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Re: Concept Artist/Illustrator for hire
by Oudvin C. Cassell
hi my name is Oudvin Cassell I do alot of traditional work , i have photoshop and i am interested in doing something with my art and it is the only thing i am good in and i would like to make money with my art and go further well are some of my work on deviant art
Re: Concept Artist/Illustrator for hire
by Ryan Friend
Mr. Harshbarger,
I am interested in hiring you. I am an Author of children's books. Still trying to make it big I guess. Fortunately I have a niche. Subtly Christian children's stories. Completely fictionalized stories based on scriptural references. My last illustrator has found fortune as a graphic designer. Unfortunately for me, however, I am left without an illustrator. I hate working with publishers on this detail as I like to see the artwork BEFORE it gets printed. I like to keep all original work and the rights thereof (understandably), but you will be listed as the illustrator and given full credit in all published materials. You will also recieve a copy of all materials printed for your personal portfolio. I will pay for all work to be shipped to me. I like pencil and watercolor work best. I need two pieces of information from you:
1. How much would you charge per piece? Each book has approximately 20-30 small to medium illustrations.
2. I would like an example of your work. Since it is unfair for you to send me an appropriate example not knowing what I am looking for, I will give you the option to create one. Picture a Knight going on an adventure with the armor listed in Ephesians 6: Belt, Breastplate, 'Boots', Shield, Helmet, and Sword. Please, do not stop there but make him a 'Real' knight as these are just the REQUIRED things which must be pictured. He goes through the story losing each one of these one by one, excepting the helmet. You may use this as an artwork idea, or give me another example altogether, though I would like to see a quick pencil sketch of this more, nothing too hard.
Thank you for getting back to me. You may send me your submission to I hope to be hearing from you.
Ryan Friend

Re: Concept Artist/Illustrator for hire
by Natalia Lovera

Are you still interested in hiring a children book illustrator?

Natalia LOvera

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