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NYC-based Compositor and Editor

Bob Leathersby 5 years ago
I am a compositor and editor based in Astoria, New York. I am looking for work in the New York City area, but am open to working remotely.

I have familiarized myself with After Effects and Nuke but will be honest and say I have not yet put such knowledge to the professional test. My strong software familiarity is in another node-based software that is now obsolete. However, I have a very strong understanding of compositing concepts and years of previous work to back it up as well as a natural ability to learn and adapt very quickly.

My experience in compositing has included the following:
• Set Extension
• Green/Bluescreen keying
• Rig removal
• Matchmoving
• Rotoscoping
• Dustbusting

My editing experiences have been with short narrative, corporate, and music/promotion. I have a passion in music that greatly defines my editing decisions and opens my creativity by allowing me to feel my work.

I am familiar with the video post-production pipeline, since I was had to take over the whole video post process in the couple short narrative films I've worked on. My ability to learn and adapt quickly has allowed me to pick up a different skill just to continue the projects I work on into completion, if need be.

I am most comfortable with Final Cut Pro 7 as well as Color and Compressor but am open to working on other editing programs.

Demo Reel/Resume
For further information, such as my demo reel and resume as well as a little bit of me as a person:

Social networking

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to do business with you.

Bob Leathers
Compositor and Editor
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