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Full Time Editor or Media Producer Position Wanted

Brandon Cranorby 5 years ago
I am an innovative editor with over 9 years of experience looking for a Full-Time position as an Editor or Media Producer. I am currently located in Springfield, Missouri but am willing to relocate. I prefer Dallas/Fort Worth, St. Louis, or Seattle for locations but am willing to relocate elsewhere for the right opportunity.

View My Demo Reel Here

- Innovative Video Editor with over 9 years of experience.
- Vast experience in both video production/editing and audiovisual live production events.
- Very creative, enthusiastic, and full of clever ideas.
- Computer and technology savvy with great working knowledge of Macintosh and Windows platforms.
- Capable of solving technical problems and equipment malfunctions.
- Consistently pursuing new skills and techniques.
- Teachable, ready and willing to learn.
- Personable, able to interact well with coworkers and clients.

Please feel free to email me for my full resume. Thank you for your time & consideration!

Brandon Cranor
Senior Editor and Media Producer
General Council of the AG National Leadership and Resource Center
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