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3 d A n i m a t o r | M o t i o n g r a p h i c s A r t i s t JOB Required

Talmeez Rehmanby 6 years ago
3 d A n i m a t o r | M o t i o n g r a p h i c s A r t i s t
E - M A I L r e hma n . t a lme e z @ gma i l . c om
t a l e t a l i @ h o tma i l . c om
P H O N E +9 2 3 2 1 3 1 6 8 1 2 5
Nationality : Pakistan
Date of birth : 15 April 1977
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Excellent command with 9 years of experience in working with 3ds max. Have a
proven capability of building and manipulating complex and technical models with
3ds max. In 9 years of my media animation, I have worked in leading News channels
of local market. As experienced my role is to support my team as leading member,
approaches new ways in broadcast design and development. There are a numbered
of graphics which I have created self and with my work group. I prove my capabilities
and timely decision making in many areas of design/animation, with a wide variety
of assignments regarding our contents as well as the Channel’s looks that displays a
versatile expertise to handle. My team and I like being challenged, which helps us to
produce better work while experimenting in the given deadline.
I am now keen to progress with new challenges and creative involvement in
innovative projects.

Talmeez Ur Rehman.
Senior Animator
Express News Network.
Karachi, Pakistan.
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