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Visual Effects/Motion Graphics/Design

Alex Rideoutby 5 years ago
Artist with roughly 5 years of experience and a creative vision. Easy to work with.


I have worked with
-3D Dynamics Simulations
-Particle Simulations
-Fire/Pyro Gaseous Simulations
-3D Modeling/Animation (Hard Surface)
-Motion Graphics
-3D Design
-Title Animation
-Color Grading
-Sound Design
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Job Repy / Creative Cow: Re: Visual Effects/Motion Graphics/Design
by Brian Sabolich
Please send me a demo reel / resume. You may visit the job posting we just placed on CC also, however it may not be live yet. It is with Mathis Brothers Furniture, but is located in Oklahoma City.

@Brian Sabolich
by Alex Rideout
You can see my current demoreel up through this past year here: If you have an email address, I can send you a resume as well.
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