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michael folliettby 5 years ago

just wondering if you might find need for my skills with video production

for more than a year and a half i daily: shoot, edit, script, run sound, do motion graphics, etc. - for videos such as the below… 

mostly its all one man/ one camera stuff.
i use a  (Sony XDCAM EX PMW-EX3
with a zoom controller and a nice set of Manfrotto sticks.

- as i have little time and no crew for anything else: im a one man, one stop shop for Buncoumbe County Government. some of these can take weeks to complete. mostly informercial style pieces, 
(because of who i work for and who their audience is). -but you can get the idea of what i do…

its generally so pretty here to shoot in the mountains… makes a lot of the wide shots easy.

Farmers market- theres a couple cool crane and fig rig / beauty food shots in here:

Zombies: this was fun… actually got to shoot the graveyard in early morning fog.

YouTown. After effects ad. - just love the old Doo Wop song i used for this.
BUNCOMBE COUNTY Goes Mobile! mobile app called YouTown.

Connect Buncombe - love the fly over in this, and the magic falling pine needles - trail shot after 2 min.  

Air Quality -typical industrial, with one of county commissioners doing V.O.

Buncombe Life -i do this show monthly. it was shot at 720p, lots of pretty long shots- lots of wind…as we are on top of the mountain. but you can see the mountains!- not much to do with the wind- as no sound engineer..just me doing camera

i have no problem traveling/working remotely.
thanks for your consideration.
let me know what you think.


art + design + video
michael folliett
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