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Experienced After Effects animators required

Olly Lawerby 7 years ago

We have been expanding the animation side of our businesses and have now reached capacity. We are looking for experienced After Effects users that we can give a very specific Storyboard too with illustrations already prepared and can produce results based on that instruction.

Happy for creative input, but this must be given in advance as the Storyboard would have been approved by the client prior to animating.


Olly Lawer
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Re: Experienced After Effects animators required
by Olly Lawer
Let my try posing those two animations again! (this one won't embed in the forum unfortunately).

Olly Lawer
Re: Experienced After Effects animators required
by Ivan Andrianko
Hey Olly,

Just wanted to ask what kind of videos do you need?

Our company makes "sales videos" for websites.

We are the best reviewed service on popular internet marketing forums such as warrior forum (Over a million users), and wicked fire.

While we would be in between the animators and you, I can guarantee you that you won't find people that will offer you as high of a price and quality ratio.

I am the creative director/Storyboard artist/product developer of our team.

Here are a few examples of our videos (My storyboards) :

We can also do animated videos (Not motion graphics)

Our animation team (seperate from website market) is frequently involved in projects featured on Cartoon Network, as well as Adult swim.

Feel free to add us on skype (SKYPE ID: Koncorps)

and we`ll be happy to discuss the process with you, as well as all the options available to you.

Thank you for your time,

@Ivan Andrianko
by Olly Lawer
Hi Ivan,

Thanks for your message.

We also design animations for companies which could be classed as 'sales video's'. We still want to be able to script and storyboard for our clients at this stage and simply pass off a storyboard to an animator along with illustrations (having already passed off an illustrator guide to an illustrator) - or combine both if the animator can design too. Having said this, we have a bank of illustrators we use and the client is very involved in shaping the illustrations to the style they want.

Can you give me a basic cost on these two animations (just to animate, but a separate price for illustrations too - but not storyboarding or scripting).

Feel free to email info:

Olly Lawer
Re: Experienced After Effects animators required
by Petr Janak
my name is Petr Janak and I'm a motion designer from Prague.
I'm very interested.

I've been working as an animator, visual artist and on a video
postproduction for over 5 years and I studied classical animation.
My last bigger job was "one of the main characters animator" on Alois Nebel film

I've uploaded on a short video with a few latest motion designs which can help you decide if I'm the
right person for this job. Check it on:
I have great knowledge of after effects.
I can also work with Photoshop and Ilustrator. I can send you example of storyboard and CV if you want.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Petr Janak
@Petr Janak
by Olly Lawer
Your work is incredible!!!

Can you email me through what you charge for this style of animation?

Also, if you have varying styles, please send these through too. Email is (we're currently rebranding as a new company, but I will still receive these emails).

And yes please, send a example of storyboard. Can you also give a price on the two examples I just posted (just to animate if we provide a storyboard and illustrations - but provide a separate price for illustrations if that is something you do).

Olly Lawer
Re: Experienced After Effects animators required
by Bala Ji
hi am interested to do this project so plz contact :+91-9666114077
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