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After effects motion graphic design, compositing, etc.

Robert Maleckiby 6 years ago
Dear internet,

I am a young amateur filmmaker with aspirations to become a major Hollywood writer/director. I have two years of experience using Adobe After Effects and believe that I have attained a seasoned knowledge of the program. So, I was wondering if anybody would be interested in hiring me on a freelance, job-by-job basis with negotiable wage.

I have edited two commercials for local events that played on the giant LED screen at our local minor-league baseball stadium. Also, I have made several documentaries about various school groups at my school, and received a fair level of 'local acclaim' for my various short films and documentaries.

I have a full copy of Adobe Creative Suite 5 (After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Flash, etc.) with Trapcode Suite (including Particular and Form), and some would say a large imagination.

Be sure to check out my film portfolio on my YouTube page:

Thanks for considering me, and if you're interested in my help please post!


Rob Malecki
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Re: After effects motion graphic design, compositing, etc.
by Desmond Yeo
Hi Robert,. I'm currently looking for a freelancer to create an After Effects presentation for me and was wondering if you might be keen to help me out ?
My project link is here : 

 Please kindly let me know if u're keen to talk about it, thanks ! 

Re: After effects motion graphic design, compositing, etc.
by Shane Eastman
Hi Robert,
I may be able to use your After Effects services. I have a job in Sydney Australia that ishopefully going to start tomorrow- but ONLY has a 3 week deadline. So I'm neededing to find several people to do various "bits" of it.,
Please contact me at
And tell meif you're available - and what your Rates are?
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