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Video Editor looking for work - full time, part time or freelance .. I do it all!

Lilith Munckby 7 years ago
I have been working with Final Cut for years, and have been obsessed with post-production ever since I was little. I work very well under pressure and so far clients have been impressed by my speed and accuracy for the videos I make.

I grew up in Germany and lived there until the summer of 2007. My family has been working in the movie and TV business for over 3 generations; I moved to Denver to go to College. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Communication with concentration on Media Productions. I always stuck out in my classes and so still receive a number of freelance jobs through my old school connections. I am currently eligible to work in the States, until January 2012, where I will require to renew my visa.

Recently, I have been working on a work visa status for BieMedia, as an on-call editor. In their field it is all about speed, and I made about 50 videos a day. Sadly they don’t have enough work coming in. Previously, I have done an internship at Fox31, KDVR. This has strengthened my understanding in production processes as well as it has taught me to work precise and fast at the same time. The latest project I worked on were two documentaries, 30 minutes each. By request, I can send you a DVD with the video, since I am not permitted to put it on my website. I directed and edited both of them, taking about a week for the entire post-production.

I would love to have the opportunity to fully introduce myself and maybe discuss a possible position.

You can find my resume and demo reel at

Thank you for your time,
Lilith Marlene Munck
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