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[OFFERED] Musician & Sound Designer - Portfolio

Maxim Protsenkoby 7 years ago
Name: Maxim Protsenko
Expected Compensation: $50-$100 per 1-3 minute musical track, $5 per sound effect.
Contact Information:
Previous Projects: "Krai Mira", "Color It by Numbers", "Guns, Bricks & Walls"

In my work, the attention is paid not only to the beauty of the music track, but also to its accordance to the atmosphere of the game.

In oder to achieve this purpuse, there is a great variety of music styles such as modern, classical and folk music, various acoustic and dynamic effects. In oder to make the game more involving, I use special frequency ranges, specific musical intervals, sound associations and many other feachures.

I multiply scientific researches of sound and musical theory by practical experience and love to the games. My aspiration is to create a new dimension in the virtual world, a dimension of emotions.
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