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Job wanted in Central Illinois

Adam Rahnby 10 years ago
Hey everyone,

I'm a recent college grad looking for a job in either Central Illinois or Chicago.

I've had three years experience in writing, shooting and editing in news, sports, promos, commercials, podcasts, documentaries and non-news longform programming and a short stop-motion short that I did, as well as numerous freelance jobs around the area involving video production. This past fall the half-hour documentary-style show that I produce, edit and co-host was awarded First Place Longform Programming in the state of Illinois.
I'm currently looking for any other freelance video work that might need any level of help, or a full time entry-level job involving video production in the area. I also have my own video equipment (minus professional video editing software).
I'm very fun to work with and have a great storytelling ability that utilizes my humor and life experiences to really connect with people.

Please contact me if you think I might be of service or for samples of my work :o)

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Re: Job wanted in Central Illinois
by Francois Gand
Hello Adam,

Please take a look at my post under "Immediate Recruiting Call from ADVIDEO !!!" as of this morning.

I am interested in speaking with you.

Please submit an application via our online form at and I will be in touch.

Thank you !


Francois Gand
B.S.B.A., I.C.S.E., M.C.P.
ADVIDEO Production Inc. - Founder & Chairman of the Board
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