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WANTED: Experience/Internship (2 months max.)

Graph1cDes1gnStud3ntby 11 years ago
To whom it may concern,

I am a 1st semester (soon to be second semester [fall07]) Graphic Design Student. My previous classes consisted of the following:

1.) Digital Image Making (Photoshop CS2 Introduction and use)
2.) Intro to Graphic Design (Creativity transformed into Photoshop CS2/Illustrator fit for an imaginary client)
3.) Digital Photography (Professional Digital Camera Usage/training)
4.)Field Production and Editing (despite it's name; the class was an introduction on cameras and lighting)

I am still learning the basics of photoshop, etc. However, I will be more than exited to help.

If an assistant of some kind is needed, I am the perfect candidate for getting coffee and following instructions. I am pretty sure that {after my Field Production and Editing class} I can carry around cameras and sticks as well.

If you need me, let me know.

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