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Asking for a chance to prove myself that I am capable to do your work...

Paul Mayby 7 years ago
Hello friends,

I have been a subscriber to this excellent website for past few years.

I recently got laid off from a great job (not a video or fx company), however, I had started my video production company in 2003 and had been on back burner until recently. I have all CC magazines and I re-read them recently and realized that I need to re-fresh my skills in After Effects to find a better job to support my family and of course, become successful in business.

I am very good at editing, compositing, graphic design, website development, and even handle camcorder and camera (I have a great eye for capturing excellent images, still and moving).

I don't mean to sound like I'm full of hot-air, nevertheless, I would not lie about it -- I know it may sound like far-fetched or same as everyone else who are saying they are good at it. No kidding, otherwise, I would not post this if I *KNOW* for sure I can't do any job.

I am humblingy asking for a chance for me to prove you that I can do the job. Also, a chance for me to be able to build a portfolio as well.

I have Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and After Effects CS3. I do have Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, even Blender and GIMP. Yes, it is another reason why I am seeking work so I can upgrade to CS5 and all other newer products plus better computer.

I can telecommute to do freelance work. I am also expert in Joomla development as well, too.

If you are wondering where I live...I live in South Carolina. I would be happy to send you my resumes to show you that I am trustworthy and capable to do work for you and your company.

Thank you so much for your time reading this posting and considering me.


Paul May
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Re: Asking for a chance to prove myself that I am capable to do your work...
by Mike Schuch
Hi Paul,

We need a "go to" person for video edit and upload of new client Walkout Videos ( our Store & Play online video management service.

Please give me a call if you are still looking for work. We may be able to outsource some/all of this work to you.


Mike Schuch
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