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Sound designer/ Composer/Audio Engineer looking for creative projects (free or paid)

Charles Beechingby 7 years ago
Hello, I have recently graduated with a degree in Creative Music Technology and I am looking to get involved with projects in (but not limited to..) films/games/radio/theatre/TV etc.

I am looking to build up my professional portfolio and I can offer help with recording and producing SFX/composing music/creating jingles and theme tunes/voice-over recording + voice acting. I can offer high quality work, as this is what I am trained in, but as most people know who are trying to make it in the creative industry you have to start somewhere! So I am offering my skills for free, provided there isn’t substantial profit being made from the fruits of my labour.

I am not classically trained, but I play guitar, both acoustic and electric to a high standard. I can also sing and play keys/synthesizers. Equipment wise, I have enough to record most instruments, as well as high quality voice and foley recording.

I am currently based in Bedfordshire, but due to the wonderful power of the internet we can easily collaborate online if the distance is not realistic enough to meet in person.

Please do get in touch if you need more info or feel that I can be of some help to your project. I will have a go at anything related to audio so give me a shout and I can show you some examples of my work, or whip up something new related to your project.

Contact me @

Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for reading my ad.
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