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Need my next gig

Ross Tokachby 7 years ago
Professional Editor, Hollywood, CA

I am looking for my next moonlighting gig. I just finished a piece for Sundance on R3D and really enjoyed the workflow. I have a full lab and I have a professional composer that I link up with, if needed.

I am willing to make my moonlights a full time dedicated job, for the right price.

I don't post set rates, I like to hear about the piece and go from there.

I am familiar with,
Avid, Massive, CAD, Light Wave, 3D Modeler, Swift, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Compressor, Camtasia, Illustrator, Cakewalk, Acid, EP, Toast, Garage Band, Bridge, Pro Tools, Motion, DVDSP and most consumer level programs.) I learned to edit on 8mm and 16mm splicing equipment / Moviola, one cut, one chance.
I Build, turnkey and troubleshoot HD editing systems from the ground up(Apple or PC). I have Extensive knowledge in conversions, ratios and post production work flow(Logging schedules, Work schedules, Deadlines). Importing and indexing all digital formats, high end rendering and finishing to DVD/Tape/Disk.

-ross tokach

"Oop, I think my render is done!"
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