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Japanese Videographer/Editor for Hire

Kosho Satoby 7 years ago

My name is Kosho Sato. I am currently living in Toronto.
I am an experienced videographer/editor who seeks American job experience with valid working visa (up to 18 months) in the US. I am looking for a corporate of any kind who hires me as a videographer/editor. The corporate could be anything.

When I was in Japan I worked as a in-house videographer/editor to make corporate-related video. But in my private time I made a documentary video about a boy from Harlem which resulted in a grand prize for Japan's video festival. I also have made a fitness video with a former world boxing middle-weight contender in the past.

please visit: Kosho Sato's Demo Reel

Please contact me for farther information.
I am ready to work for you.
Thank you.
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