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Your videos on the internet — FAST and inexpensive

Sergei Sokolovby 7 years ago
We offer a solution that you might need if YouTube or Vimeo kind of stuff doesn't work for you:
  • streaming your content instead of file download - much harder to save a local copy;
  • limited access: issue rights to view - upon payment, during only a limited time, form a certain IP;
  • yes, payment system;
  • fast content delivery network (CDN): edge points all over the globe, user connects to the closest one;
  • handles heavy duty: never experience shortage of simultaneous connections: from jundreds to billions of simultaneous viewers.
  • cost-effective: no commitments — only actually downloaded data is charged.

Should it be a new web site from scratch, or become a part of an existing system,
You describe your vision of how it should be — we make it.

Email me at or skype: sergei.l.s

Kind regards,
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