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Offering Pro Bono Broadcast Animation Work

Tim Robinsonby 8 years ago
I'm working on building a resume reel outside of my current corporate job which doesn't allow me to share my work to the general public. I am willing to do pro bono work for clients in broadcasting.

If your have a broadcast program / tv station that is need of new logo animations/image packages/id's/etc., contact me below and mention "PRO BONO" and/or that you saw this listing on creative cow in the message.

My dream job would be to do TV news image packages (opens/full screens/supers), but I'm willing to entertain all offers.

I have a background in TV news producing and am currently a corporate video editor / animator for a 500 million dollar a year international company.

Tim Robinson
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Re: Offering Pro Bono Broadcast Animation Work
by Adam Davis
I am a director putting together a few spec commercials. I'd love to know what you can do. Maybe we can help each other put together something brilliant. I am in preproduction on a majore 3d animation transformer-style cupcake tranfrormation spot. Is that something you can do? I also work at ABC television producing TV spots.

Adam Davis
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