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Shooting Pro Sports in Chicago

Vinnie Urgoby 10 years ago
Howdy from Montana.

Well gave it a go but not a darn thing to do video wise 'round here. Skiing has been good, but I feel like a huge loser not having worked in 4 months.

My lady and I might be moving to Chicago. She has a good job opportunity and I am hoping I can find some work doing pro sports. I have freelanced for 7 years shooting Ski events/films/and TV. I have always wanted to get into shooting Football,baseball, and basketball. If I end up in Chicago there should be an opportunity there. If not Chicago I will eventually head to Salt Lake City or denver so I can ski and work. Perhaps there will be opportunities there as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions as far as how to approach these production firms? Who are these production firms? What kind of experience is necessary and what is the typical pay scenario? Day rates, salary, Hourly?

Honestly, I'm sick of freelancing, looking for some decent work. Then maybe down the road do my own thing again. So not only sports but anything to get a paycheck rolling. Any advice will be appreciated.

Vinnie Urgo
Photo and Video Professional
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Re: Shooting Pro Sports in Chicago
by Paul Chu

I'm a rank newbie but reading this and do not see link to your website with your portfolio of work samples ( could be on Youtube too ).

Thanks, Paul
Re: Shooting Pro Sports in Chicago
by Vinnie Urgo
Hi Paul,

Here is a link to my vimeo page.


Vinnie Urgo
Photo and Video Professional
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