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Terry Leahyby 10 years ago
Hello Cow Community,

My name is Terry and to begin with, I might be posting this in the wrong area. I need your help. A recent graduate from college I am looking for a job in videography. Currently I own an AG-HPX170 camera, a 20" iMac with Final Cut Studio 5.1.4 and a Macbook with the same version of Final Cut Pro. I also have Adobe CS3 on both computers.

Question 1: What else do I need to secure before attempting to do videography professionally, I'm thinking a three point light kit and a solid on board microphone. Anything else needed? Maybe lavalier mikes?

Question 2: I have no idea how to use CS3, yet every job I try to apply to says I need an understanding of not just FInal Cut Pro, but After Effects and Photoshop. Where can I get skills in the other two and what exactly do most employers mean when they say they want me to have an understanding of? Do I need to be certified or can I just roll through all the tutorials on this site?

Thanks in advance for anybody who answers me.

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