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Music Composer Available for Work

Spencer Sternbergby 8 years ago
I am a music composer and sound effects creator looking for work on all kinds of projects. Please take a look at to hear music examples and read my bio. There is also a royalty free music section which contains music for many kinds of productions. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Spencer Sternberg
Audio for Games
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Re: Music Composer Available for Work
by Spencer Sternberg
I am currently working on a royalty free documentary music album titled 'Fossil Hunters' which is directed towards documentary film makers. You can listen to the album's first track, 'Ancient Life Forms' as well as the other first four tracks. The music is based around orchestral instrumentation, fused together with modern and world percussion.

'Fossil Hunters' should be completed very soon.

Spencer Sternberg
Music Composer
Royalty Free Music Library
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