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International Aerial Cinematography

Andrew Arellby 9 years ago
New Client Promotion- 50% discount on aerial service!

Ascent Imagery operates a fleet of portable, remote piloted helicopters designed for aerial filming.
Among other advantages, we can capture aerial shots and operate in locations that full-size helicopters cannot.
Ascent offers a unique approach and capability in aerial cinematography!

Ascent Imagery offers:
• The most affordable way to get the helicopter shots you want.
• 4K digital cinema and full HD production value footage, RED ONE,
Panasonic HPX170, Sony XDCAM EX1, Canon 5D MarkII / D7.
• Transportability anywhere in the world, in shooting locations previously impossible.
• Zero carbon emissions, DC electric powered.
• Quiet operation

Demo Reels:

Link to our vimeo:
Link to our gallery:
The Discovery Channel, Weaponizers promo:
Ascent Provided 100% of all helicopter shots for the new Discovery Channel show “Weaponizers.” We have two aerial shots in the promo please take a look:

Weaponizers behind the scenes:
(more videos available upon request)

Andrew Arell
Account Executive
Ascent Imagery


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