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24/7 English Mandarin Cantonese Translation Dubbing Subtitle

Macro Daiby 9 years ago
Call me for 24/7 English Chinese Translation $0.04 Interpretation Voiceover Subtitle

Dear Global Client or Agency,

Hi! This is a small translation firm of 3 translators in Shenzhen, China. We provide high-quality translation, proofreading, interpretation, transcription, voiceover and subtitling services for English and Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Hakka Dialect, Minnan Dialect, Simplified and Traditional Chinese). I have been working as a compentent English-Mandarin-Cantonese interpreter for 15 years and translated 7 million words. My native languages are Mandarin and Cantonese. I guarantee high quality and punctual delivery of our work. I am working as the lead translator. Accept Paypal payment.

Our professional voiceover studio and native voice artists provide low-cost-high-quality audio recording products for TV and phone projects using YAMAHA 01V96 Digital Mixer and other devices. We provide free trial recording of your script. We simply stay online with fast broadband connection from home offices 365 days a year to get your job done ASAP. Call now for free quotes and samples.

Services & Prices (USD) min. charge $15
1. Text translation for English and Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese/Taiwanese/Simplified and Traditional Chinese)
1.1. English>Chinese: 1>10,000 English words: $0.06/E. word; 10,001>20,000: $0.05; 20,001+: $0.04. Output 4,000+ English words/day.
1.2. Chinese>English: 1>20,000 Chinese characters: $0.03/character; 20,001>40,000: $0.025; 40,001+: $0.02. Output 8,000+ Chinese characters/day.
2. Proofreading of translation: 50% of above translation rates.
3. Field/online/telephonic simultaneous interpretation: $40~80/hour.
4. Consecutive interpretation: $15~30/hour.
5. Accompany interpretation: $10~20/hour.
6. Telephone/online interpretation: $15~30/hour.
6. Audio/video-to-audio translation: $5~10/minute.
7. Audio/video-to-text transcription: $2~5/minute.
8. Audio/video-to-text translation: $9~12/minute.
9. Audio/video-to-text transcription and translation: $10~20/minute.
10. Voiceover: Chinese $5~20/minute; English/Japanese $20~40/minute.
11. Subtitle: Chinese and English $5~20/minute; audiovisual edition.
12. Online/face-to-face language teaching: $15~20/hour.
13. Driver and interpreter with his own car $15-30/hour.
14. English and Chinese speaking trade assistant for product sourcing…
15. Other services: typing, tour guide, business consultancy…

Macrointer Limited (Business License # 440-301-123-777-5)
24/7 Service Hotline: +86-1351-0061-252 Tel.: +86-755-8266-6076
Translation samples:
Voice demos:
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