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Elena Tanby 9 years ago
Note: wanting some advice, thanks!

Whenever I finish a really good movie I'd sit and read the credits,and get the tingly sensation looking at the names of all those people who have worked so hard to put this work together. I'm currently a fresh grad holding a Bachelors in Multimedia looking for work in Australia (Melb/Syd). I have always dreamt of working with a big production studio and to see my name on the big screen one day.

I know this may sound silly, but most people in my case would have just jumped straight into applying for work without a worry. I however, have this strange fear of not having the sufficient skills to make it, and not knowing what the jobs out there are asking of me scares me more.

I know I have a strong sense of design, love working with people (teamwork or independent is fine) and have no trouble in communication. I have strong ideas and concepts and am interested in the film industry, although I don't know what role would suit me best. It would of course, be awesome to work with a company like Pixar that make work seem more like play. I'm moderately strong in FCP, AE; but 3D isn't my forte. I'm comfortable with graphics, and do well in motion graphics.

In terms of technicalities I face the constant challenge of Murphy's law, which contributes to my fear; but in terms of design I have absolute confidence in my skills. So by my characteristics listed above, could anyone who's been in the industry long enough give me some pointers in what direction I should be heading? I'd be eternally grateful.
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