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Eric Ollenburgby 9 years ago

Hi, I'm Eric Ollenburg.

I do professional Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I'm currently living in Los Angeles, CA.

Web Design

I have been professionally doing web design now for almost a decade now. I create all my web design layout comps in mind of how it will be implemented into the website.

After almost ten years of working with web developers, I have learned to create visual reference guides so they can see how the web design implementation.

Doing Web Development myself has strengthened my web design skills, embracing the internets limitations and taking advantage of new technologies.

With this web design approach I can make a $2000 website look and feel like a $10,000 website.

My web design approach is to keep a website intriguing yet clean, easy to navigate and to draw the eye to the focus of the website similar to that of a well written, plot driven screenplay.

If the websites main focus is advertising, I blend the ads into the web design so they draw the eye without making it look like some crazed slot machine.

If the websites main focus is to sell something, I place web design navigation and visual guides to tour the visitor to purchase items. Always keeping shopping carts clean and easy to use - nothing more frustrating than trying to buy something online at a website that is difficult to use.

I always approach web design with the websites main message in mind to relay that message to someone when they visit the website.

I follow the web design standards to WC3 specifications and check the web design through all the major browsers and operating systems - I even have a Windows laptop from 1996 to see how things work on such an archaic system.

One thing I always think about in web design is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Especially when people want things like images for navigation or an all Flash website. This can be done but it must be done properly or the Search Engines will fail to rank the website.

Web Design with solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind and utilizing keywords associated with what your customers and target audience are searching you can get instant results, literally watching your website crawl up the search engine results page.

I have done web design for artist and photographers portfolios, the record label immergent, online stores with shopping carts, production companies, a video "tube" website and more.

I create all images optimized and balanced for the web - the highest quality at the smallest size. This makes for beautiful web design that has quick loading pages. I also implement web design programming features such as pre-loading images to speed web page loading and smooth navigation transitions.

Whatever your web design needs I can deliver. Please feel free to contact me today for any web design job opportunities or freelance contract work.

More information can be found at
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